Gallery 2

Cloey in her embroidered towelling coat

Lola - pretty in pink

Kia and Thunda in towelling dog coats

Cassie, Sonnet and Riley keeping cool this summer


Archie at the beach


Jazz in action

Isa, in Snow Leopard Fleece

Lily wearing her Mocha fleece dog jumper

Eva, Saluki x

Holly and Grace in thier "The Bandits" sherpa lined fleece walkoutcoats

Flekk the Border Collie in Camo Fleece

Tiger the Sphynx Cat wearing her argyle jumper

Sadie looking bright

Topaz in his Skull jim jams

Owen looking warm in wine

Oliva in her regal bobcat trimmed dog fleece jumper

Sophie in her red web trimmed with black fleece

Thistle a English Bull Terrier wearing her flyball fleece

Robyn in keeping warm and snug in the snow

Mearr and Marley in their new fleeces

Sal, watching the world go by in her Milkshake Dog PJ's


Mouse showing off his pad protectors on the agility circuit

Kelly in his black and tiger fleece jumper

Jasper in his Dash N' Splash embroiderd towelling coat

Betty posing as Saluki's (x) do !


Perdy and Snoopy in thier polka dot walkout coats

Esmee, a very thin lurcher just rescued keeping warm in the recent snow

 Ro in his cobweb and grey marl fleece

Mica keeping warm in Fuschia

Sonnet in her slightly big PJ's as she is only 7 months, so has a bit of growing left!

Riley in his Step In Velcro camo PJ's

Cassie in her velcro step-in PJ's

Storm in his Desert Camo with Mocha trimmed jumper

Milo in his Zebra fleece


 Molly in her lilac and pink check fleece

Sam in his Jigsaw PJ's

Boris the rescued Whippet, sporting Argle Golf look

Wilfred the lurcher in his deluxe towelling coat after his hydrotherapy session

Cleo wearing her blue check fleece

Daisy - Cockerpoo wearing the Snow Leopard Cuddle Fleece

Lou the Lurcher at Flyball wearing her Argile Fleece PJ's

Beau the terrier

Jake the Rotti in his arctic fleece

Jake in his personalised fleece